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    Affordable Dental Pricing

    we provide dental care to nearly a million patients every year. Listed below are some of the services can provide our patients.

    Veneers, crown and bridges

    Tooth whitening can make your teeth sparkling white and beautiful!

    Starting From $1350


    Gum disease like gingivitis, periodontitis can cause you to lose teeth.

    Starting From Cost varies

    Dental implants

    Snoring is one of the symptoms of a health condition known as sleep apnea.

    Starting From FROM $4000

    Teeth whitening

    Tooth restorations are the various ways your dentist can replace missing teeth.

    Starting From $298

    Braces and invisalign

    We offer both methods to straighten teeth. The main differences are summarized in the picture above. For traditional braces, we use individual Patient (IP) Orthodontics. This is an improved version of the standard (straight archwire) orthodontic treatment. Instead of using a “one size fits all” bracket and archwire system like conventional braces do, IP Orthodontics […]

    Starting From From $5000

    Root canal treatment

    Starting From $749 - $1329

    Oral Cancer Screening

    Starting From FREE

    Tooth coloured fillings

    Starting From From $135

    General checkup

    Starting From $176 - with flouride and clean

    Flexible dentures without visible metal wires

    Starting From Cost Varies

    Wisdom teeth removal

    Starting From $154-$450

    Kids dentistry, sport mouth guards

    Starting From $135

    Replacement of old amalgam fillings

    Starting From Cost Varies

    Gum disease treatment

    Starting From Cost varies

    Cosmetic consultation and smile makeovers

    Starting From First 15 min. Free

    Zirconia Crown

    Starting From $1644

    We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!