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    We offer 3 types of dentures

    • Cobalt Chrome cast dentures
    • Acrylic dentures
    • Flexible dentures

    Cobalt Chrome cast dentures

    • high-tensile- strength cobalt chromium
    • finest ultra thin frameworks
    • strong , flexible clasps that are stain-resistant, lightweight and have proven bio-compatibility.
    • Main advantage of chrome cast denture are its strength and durability. It is less likely to break compared to acrylic dentures.
    • Tooth coloured clasps can be incorporated.

    Acrylic dentures

    • Replaces missing teeth, prevents tooth migration and restores chewing function and speech
    • Main structure is composed of acrylic resin and retained by metal or flexible clasps
    • Economical.
    • Main disadvantage is weakness of acrylic against accidental drops and impact.

    Flexible denture

    • Good for partial dentures in situations that doesn’t require rigidity.
    • It is stronger, more flexible and less chance of breakage compared to acrylic dentures.
    • The supporting clasps are gum coloured so good for anterior regions where clasps need to be invisible.

    We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!