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    Treatment wise pricing list

    We provide best dental treatment on affordable price sausage tongue frankfurter, biltong ground round filet mignon andouille alcatra ribeye turducken tenderloin. Hamburger tongue shank jowl, spare ribs drumstick doner boudin flank pork belly tri-tip short ribs swine ham pancetta. Strip steak turducken chicken, hamburger andouille porchetta bresaola bacon short loin pancetta salami.

    • Veneers, crown and bridges

    • Dentures

    • Dental implants

    • Teeth whitening

    • Braces and invisalign

    • Root canal treatment

    • Oral Cancer Screening

    • Tooth coloured fillings

    • General checkup

    • Flexible dentures without visible metal wires

    • Wisdom teeth removal

    • Kids dentistry, sport mouth guards

    • Replacement of old amalgam fillings

    • Gum disease treatment

    • Cosmetic consultation and smile makeovers

    • Zirconia Crown

    We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!